This page compares Power/Integrated Amps which my friends and I own.

We compare always two amps in a shootout. The winner will go for the next shootout. The winner of the shootout was always unanimous elected. To determine the winner for the shootout there has to be at least three reviewer.

The runner-up gets ranked in our "Ranking System", where we give every amp a position. It becomes more difficult from shootout to shootout to rank the amplifiers. Besause from the 41 amplifiers which we reviewed so far, I am "only" the owner of 23 amps, which are at home to stand by for a comparison with the runnerup to do the ranking.

Of course the results are all our personal opinion and to describe sound is very difficult. We will leave this to professional reviewer. 

Have fun. Don´t take it to serious when your amp is not ranked among the best. We don´t want to offend anybody and of course to judge sound is completly subjective!