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Ondrej (
Datum:Sa 22 Sep 2012 12:33:05 CEST
Betreff:Accuphase E-405

...I just wonder whether you haven't mistaken type of Accuphase E-405V. According to my experience there was not "V" version of 405 model. on top of that your description as "too analytical" perfectly fit's to 1,5 generation successor, the model E-406V where I could easily agree with your statement bit cold sound.
On the other side Accu E-405 is different story, punchy 20xpower mosfets beast with warm, involving "tube like" 3D sound. At least this is my personal perception. In any case thanks for your effort and interesting reading :)


Lois (
Datum:Sa 25 Jun 2011 02:46:58 CEST

Glad I've fnilaly found something I agree with!


Gene Burrows (
Datum:Mi 04 Mai 2011 06:19:31 CEST
Betreff:Amplifier Shootouts

I found your Website from a link posted by a member on I enjoyed reading the results of your amplifer shootouts very much. You had a very nice range of challengers and it sounds like your tests very well run and very thorough. Personally I really prefer the head-to-head testing of gear in a known system and in a known environment to compare components. I have done something similar with my own components, but only for myself and my wife. It's a lot of fun!

Thank you very much for sharing your findings on the Internet, so we can all learn from them and enjoy the reading. Please keep up the good work when you can!

Thanks again!


PS: No worries, your English is excellent!


Hifiismyhobby (
Datum:So 27 Dez 2009 16:00:46 CET
Betreff:Your new web-site

Your new web-site is very interesting for the special friends of the Hifi-World. The amps, which you have compared, are not too cheap and not too exclusive, it is a good mixture.
Go on!


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